Simulation of Vision Loss from Macular Degeneration


The macula is the area at the center of your retina (the layer of nerve cells lining the back wall inside your eye) that is responsible for all of your central vision and most of your color vision.  It is a critical part of your vision.  

Macular diseases like macular degeneration (deterioration of the macula) and macular edema (swelling from fluid build up in your macula) can result in serious vision problems.  Macular degeneration, in particular, is often age related and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a leading cause of severe, permanent vision loss in people over fifty.  

Age-related macular degeneration often runs in families.

Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging


Modern ophthalmology has made significant advances in the detection and treatment of macular disease.  At Thomas & Thomas Ophthalmology, Inc., we have invested in advanced testing equipment, including ultra-wide angle retinal imaging, full field electroretinography, and optical coherence tomography, which helps us to diagnose and treat macular diseases. 

Moreover, all of our patients are seen by an ophthalmologist.  An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor with extensive training in macular diseases and other medical and surgical eye conditions.  As a result, our patients receive comprehensive medical and vision care for their eyes.

Maze Representation of Insurance Complexity


Most exams and testing related to macular diseases, including macular degeneration, are covered by medical insurance.  This means that the exam is paid for once you have met any deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance.  

The insurance process can be stressful and difficult to navigate, and our practice is committed to helping you through it, whether that means providing you with an estimate prior to your exam or submitting and following through with claims on your behalf.  Our goal is to be accessible and available to help you. 

If you do not have insurance, let us know. Let us help you get the care you need at a reasonable cost.


Your eyes greatly enhance the quality of your life.  Don't let macular disease go unattended.  Take action today to preserve and enhance your vision.  Call our office and set up an appointment or ask us to contact you by filling out the contact request form below.