laser Cataract Surgery

Light Glare During Night Vision


When you are born you have a lens inside each eye, right behind your pupil (your pupil is the dark circle at the center of your eye). This is your natural lens. As you age, the natural lens gets thicker, yellower, and cloudier.

When your natural lens becomes cloudy enough that it begins to hinder your sight, it is called a cataract. One of the early symptoms of cataract is night glare when driving. Cataract surgery is the process by which your old, damaged lens is replaced with a new, artificial lens implant.

Cataract surgery is an extremely useful and successful surgical procedure that is performed on millions of people each year.

Laser Cataract surgery

Laser cataract surgery is an advanced, modern alternative to traditional cataract surgery.

With laser cataract surgery, a three-dimensional map of your eye is created prior to surgery. Based on this map, a laser is then used to make precise incisions in your eye. The laser can also be used to break up your cataract.

These features can help your cataract surgeon deliver the best possible result during cataract surgery.

Surgery Room with Microscope


At Thomas & Thomas Ophthalmology, Inc., we develop a personalized care plan for each patient. We offer both traditional and laser cataract surgery.

We do not engage in coordinated cataract referrals with optometrists. This is a process in which the optometrist recommends a particular cataract surgeon and then the optometrist and cataract surgeon split the reimbursement and the care for cataract surgery and the corresponding post-op visits.

While this process allows for increased surgical volume, it also results in limited contact with your eye surgeon.


If you need cataract surgery or think you may need cataract surgery, take action to protect and enhance your vision. Call our office today or ask us to contact you by filling out the contact request form below.